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    PEARL AMONGST THE FORTRESSES OF HIND was how emperor BABAR described it. It is almost 3km length and other structures of over 2000 years. Son et lumerie program in super star AMITABH BACCHAN’s voice is an unforgettable experience.


    A symbol of BRAVERY & PATRIOTISM was born in Varanasi & named Manikarnika. Lost her mother at a very tender age & grew near Kanpur where she learnt all martial arts. She was married to Raja of JHANSI. Who was surrounded by traitors & died under mysterious circumstances. However Rani LAXMI BAI continued the fight for INDEPENDENCE & made her supreme sacrifice on Gwalior soil on 18th June 1858.


    While on hunting Raja Mansingh saw a beautiful girl separating two buffaloes locked in horns. He called her MRIGNAYANI. He built a separate palace GUJARI MAHAL on northern foothills of the fort. There a unique aqua duct system to bring water from her village- since it was her pre condition for marriage. She owed her beauty & strength to the water from Rayee which is now submerged under TIGHRA dam in Gwalior.


    One of the nine jewels in the court of Emperor Akbar who called him miya TANSEN was THE GREATEST MUSICIAN the country has known. was born dumb in BEHAT near Gwalior. It is said that when he sang RAAG MALAHAR rains would come down & lamps lit up when RAAG DEEPAK was sung. His TOMB is a place for annual music festival


    The heart of the city has an oval shaped garden with a majestic marble statue of Sir Jiyaji Rao Scindia surrounded by several buildings all of varying ARCHITECTURE. Town Hall – EUROPEAN (like an opera house) SBI & LIBRARY- ROMAN design, Post Office- GREEK (Rennaissance Period) GOVT.PRESS & Market- VICTORIAN period


    It is like the palace of Versailles in France & has collection of weapons, antiques, Chippendale furniture & many more items. DARBAR HALL of the palace has walls, furniture, fixture all in gold. The dining hall has a SILVER TRAIN that runs on a big table and carries liquor as its cargo-it was remotely controlled too. Italian Architect Lt. Col. Michael Filose designed it in 1897

  • ZERO (Shunya)

    Gwalior occupies a unique place in human civilization as it is the place which has first known recorded use of ZERO. There is a garden at FORT called CHUTURBHUJ Temple built in 9th C. The area of this garden has measurements with zero used at the end of the figures. Like CYCLE – it is the beginning of everything reaching peak and then ending. It is very essence of the UNIVERSE. With infinite power.


    This 2 feet wide Narrow gauge train is over 100 years. It first delighted one and all by its shear speed & Sound. It ran as a circular train covering Morar, Kampoo, Jiwaji Ganj & covered Bhind, Shivpuri, Sheopur (300 km away which is still running) Engine of this train is parked on Gwalior Stn. Ticket to Ghosipura (4KM away) – its first halt- is र 2/- ONLY.


    A huge bird found near Gwalior. It is said that it lays its eggs on PARAS (a mythological stone) which when comes in contact with iron turns it to gold. There is a taxidermy of this bird in Municipal Museum.


    100 centuries in international cricket & innumerable records – That why SACHIN in known as MASTER BLASTER. He has inspired young India to dream big & make them come true. His glorious 200 in ODI was made in GWALIOR. SACHIN & all cricketers prove that its indeed A GENTLEMEN’S GAME


    Gwalior has witnessed players like Capt. ROOP SINGH - too good at footwork & powerful hit & brother Maj. Dhyan Chand who mesmerised the crowd with superb dribbling skill. They played the game with great sportsman spirit. Highest lifetime Achievement Award in sports is DHYAN CHAND AWARD.


    1st & 3rd Horse- one of the oldest Regiment of Indian Army was raised by James Skinner. He was of Scottish origin his wife was a Rajput princess. He was great cavalry warrior in 18th C of this area- like Alexander The Great. Sikander Kampoo is named after him. He built St. James Church, Delhi & was buried there. His descendents still live in Sikander Hall estate Mussoorie.